It started with a mixed print. In second grade. Catherine Francis has been under the influence of fashion for as long as can be remembered. Driven by an unwavering love of all things culture, Catherine believes in the power of clothes.

Remember when people use to dress--for dinner, for the movies, for the airport, for life? When did this attitude change? Everyone deserves to have style, everyone should have a stylist. Get style back.

Catherine began her career in pop culture with an internship at San Francisco's seminal alternative radio station, LIVE 105. With no desires to become a disc jockey, Catherine tenured with lifestyle brand Anthropologie, spending the later half of six years as the in-store personal stylist. She trained with Los Angeles based The School of Style, completeing their stylist certification. 

Closet audits
Let's find out what's in there. Does it fit? Is it stylish? What else will you wear it with?

Personal styling
Customizable shopping experience to build a wardrobe or fill any existing holes.

Event styling
Get ready for any event.  A great idea for all types of photographs you may be taking--engagement, family, holiday, professional.

Editorial/Campaign/Brand Styling
Styling for digital or print lookbooks

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